About Us

DeepLife is a pre-series A startup focused on addressing the urgent need to increase drug discovery reliability by acting on the earliest step, drug target identification. This consists of identifying, a molecular target, such as a protein, that will trigger the transition from disease to healthy cells. With current methods, only 1 target in 10,000 reach the market, leading to a significant loss of time and efforts in the community.

Our approach is to leverage the recent revolution in the omics data, measuring precisely cells activity at large scale, and build foundation models to mimic cell behavior in various contexts and identify the optimal trigger to reverse disease state.

Half of the team today is dedicated to build the largest omics database, aka omics atlas, to map all human body tissues and diseases and reduce experimental biases.

We offer a research friendly environment, with 90% of the company holding a PhD, with academic collaborations and publications. The team is international and composed of +10 different nationalities. The company is remote first with most of the work is remote and regular events organized in our offices in Paris.